Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Countdown to Thanksgiving! Just a few more days until Thanksgiving Day & I’m in full prep-mode for the holiday! Growing up I’ve always loved watching Martha Stewart and would get excited about coming up with different crafts and ways to set the table for the holidays.

thankful tree

I saved the leaves from a craft I made as a kid for one of our Thanksgiving family parties. I drew a bare tree with branches and had everyone write on a leaf & share what they were thankful for.

Now living in Chicago, we’ve been hosting Thanksgiving for my ohana for the past few years. I got married last year in November and it was the first time I hosted Thanksgiving for my ohana plus my in-laws. I leave the turkey & ham up to my parents while I prepare all the sides!

Here’s how I prepare for Thanksgiving:

  • First, start with the menu & check with the ohana what items they will be bringing (my Polish ohana will be bringing some pierogi & roasted sweet potatoes; Mom & Dad will bring the ham & turkey!)
  • I write out my menu & make a list of ingredients & check the fridge and pantry for items I already have
  • Make a couple trips to the store: Last week I picked-up all the shelf stable items during one trip and today I picked up the floral, produce & dairy
  • Prepare sides ahead of time, will get started on some of the sides tomorrow night & Wednesday so that way I won’t have to prepare everything day of πŸ™‚

I put together all the floral arrangements tonight in just under one hour (probably could have done it even faster but I was simultaneously arranging while watching the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion..if you watch are you Team Shannon? or Team Vicki? lol) All you need are a couple of bouquets and vessels to create some beautiful arrangements! I grabbed a large bouquet of mums, winterberry twigs, cranberries & of course a pineapple. Mums are great because they are quintessential of fall and they last for more than a few days! It’s also much more cost-effective to create your own arrangement. I made three separate arrangements (including the pineapple) for a total of $24.95 by just using one large mum bouquet and winterberry twigs.

What are some of your Thanksgiving prep tips? Favorite recipes? Share in the comments below! πŸ™‚


Table runner: Threshold for Target

Floral & pineapple:

Pumpkins: $1 spot at Target!



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